Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Being Found: Day One

I started Found on a Friday much much earlier this calendar year after I spent the Fall of 2011 truly being "found." I thought I was ready to write about it then. Not so.

The 7 posts that precede this one are still relevant and I enjoyed writing them - truly.

But now is the time to tell you about how I was found and how I continue to be found.

Being found is the opposite of and also the cure for "hiding." My dear friend and college mentor Emily Freeman wrote about this in her book Grace for the Good Girl. I strongly recommend it. Being found is one part of the larger grace experience.

I believe deep down we all want to be found. Hiding feels safe, but it is not. Being found brings freedom and in doing so unlocks the deepest and most beautiful mystery this world will ever know.

I will spend the next 31 days talking about the unveiling of this mystery in my life. I hope some of these things will resonate with you and if they do, please tell me if feel compelled.

For Day One...
being found showed me that I no longer had to figure it out. Instead, I am called to walk it out. Insert all manner of situations, decisions, people, etc. into the it of those two phrases.

Every time I attempt to reason something through I inevitably come up with most clever understanding or solution. Oh so clever. I pat myself on the back and plunge head first into my self-assured plan....

and then wonder why it does not turn out to be what I thought it would be.

All that dressed-up, clever self-reliance is no way to live. That pull-yourself-up-by-your-boot-straps mantra is rather exhausting and physically impossible. Seriously, but on a pair of boots and simultaneously try to pull yourself up into them - both feet at the same time.

So if relying on myself doesn't work, then what does?

Well, I plan to explore that with you for the next month. And I'll leave you with this...

Someone else already has it figured out. In fact He also walked it out. And what's more?

He'll still walk it out with us

See you tomorrow


  1. oh yes - from figure it out to walk it out. I'm with you in that one, friend. So glad you're walking this one out through writing. - emily

  2. "I believe deep down we all want to be found." Well put - we certainly do...and it all comes back to who you're relying on, doesn't it? I look forward to learning with you this month :)

    1. Thanks Sonika. I'm so glad you'll be joining me. It truly does come back to who we're relying on. Excellent reminder.