Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day Six: Found in Fall

Fall has always been my favorite season. The heat and humidity of Summer drains my energy while the cooling temperatures of September and October put a definite spring in my step. And then there's all the fun Fall events... apple festivals, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and the like. Oh, and the colors. The colors the colors the colors...

greens that gradually become orange, crimson, and yellow. The maples seems to show these off the best.

I've been blessed to spend the past two weekends in lovely cabins in the mountains of Western, NC with beautiful graceful friends. But even during the week I have found myself reveling in this season.

It's no coincidence that I was found on a Friday in the Fall and that He pursued me wildly until I literally fell (hard) into this year's Fall.

Though I cannot fully understand the why's and wherefore's of how He works. I think I have an inkling of why He chose this season of life for me during this season of the year.

He knew it would be hard, so He let me fall during the months of the year when I already look around in wonder at His creation. He knew I needed to hear his gentle whisper, so He let me fall when my heart and life were slowed down enough to listen. He knew I would need to find hope and excitement for the future, so He let me fall when there would be festivals and fun everywhere I turned.

Most of all, He knows me. There is not one detail of me that escapes His attention. Sure, I've read over the years that He knows every hair on my head - and that's great. But what I realize about that verse now is that He knows every single thing that lights me up from the inside out.

That's what Fall does for me. It has always been my season. Eyes wide open, taking it all in, heart full of wonder. So that's where He found me, where He knew I would be ready to change - just like the beautiful maples.

It literally brings tears to my eyes to know, I mean really know that He loves me that much. To purposefully bring me to this place with Him during my favorite season of the year.

So now every single Fall I will remember how I fell and how I was found. 

Thank you Lord for this season. A season of stunning, life-altering, merciful, grace-abounding change.

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